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  24 Oct 08   First Tranche 2 Capability Enhancements in Flight Test
  08 Oct 08   Eurofighter nations offered split deal for Tranche 3 order
  07 Oct 08   Eurofighter gets serious about Japan's F-X contest
  12 Sep 08   Block 8 Entry Into Sevice
  21 Aug 08   News Update August 2007 to August 2008
  21 Aug 08   First British Tranche 2 Jets Complete Production Testing
  28 Apr 05   All Partners now operate Batch 2 Aircraft
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News stories

First Tranche 2 Capability Enhancements in Flight Test
Date : 24th October 2008     Source : Unspecified     Author : Scorpion

P1E testing is on its way.

24 October 2008

Flight tests for the advanced capabilities covered by the Phase 1 Enhancement (P1E) programme for Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 2 weapon systems have commenced with today’s first flight of a Paveway IV on Instrumented Production Aircraft IPA2 at Alenia Aeronautica’s facility in Turin, Italy.

First phase aeromechanical integration tests (Flutter, Vibration) of this new 500lb precision guided store are to be conducted at Alenia Aeronautica. Further trials will follow on IPA1 at BAE Systems and IPA4 at EADS CASA in configurations of up to six air-to-surface stores in order to prove the safe release of the new P1E weapons from the aircraft. This flight test phase will also include the 1000lb dual mode precision guided EGBU-16 bomb. The test data gained in these trials will allow the air vehicle aspects of the P1E capability development to be progressed.

IPA7 at EADS Deutschland will also join the P1E air vehicle trials in 2009 to prove handling qualities and carefree handling with the Paveway IV weapon.

Avionics flight trials involving all four Tranche 2 standard Instrumented Production Aircraft are to follow this first test campaign, leading to service release of P1E(a) Capabilities in 2011.

The start of P1E flight trials marks a significant step towards the availability of an Enhanced Multi-Role Capability on Eurofighter Typhoon which is being developed under the First Batch of Enhancements Contract, agreed with the Core Nations in March 2007.


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Eurofighter nations offered split deal for Tranche 3 order
Date : 8th October 2008     Source : Unspecified     Author : PS Yeo

DATE : 07/10/08
SOURCE : Flight International

Eurofighter nations offered split deal for Tranche 3 order
By Craig Hoyle

Eurofighter partner nations could divide their Tranche 3 production orders for a combined 236 aircraft into two phases, while interest in a key radar enhancement has reached a new high, says the industrial consortium's chief executive Aloysius Rauen.

Negotiations with Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK are continuing via the NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency, with a contract signature required in the first quarter of 2009.

Stressing that none of the core nations has requested a cut in numbers from their 620-aircraft umbrella deal, Rauen says: "We have difficult budget situations - that is not new. So long as no-one changes the numbers or changes dramatically the delivery schedule, then we can handle that." One option could be to split the programme's so-called Supplement 4 work into two phases, he says, enabling nations to stretch their financial contributions.

Rauen also confirms that cash-strapped nations could even sell on some of their existing or future Typhoons to potential export users in a bid to overcome their current budgetary difficulties. "If one nation decides to sell Eurofighters out of their fleet, they are allowed to do that in principle," he says.

Speaking at Eurofighter's Hallbergmoos headquarters near Munich on 30 September, Rauen refuted claims of a recent increase in programme costs. The consortium's Tranche 3 proposal is "within, or pretty close to" the maximum total agreed under the umbrella deal, while additional obsolescence costs "were not costed, priced or agreed" previously, he says.

"They need to come to a decision in a foreseeable timeframe, otherwise we will have difficulties with production continuity," warns Rauen. "That will create further costs, which are not in the budget."

Meanwhile, interest in equipping the Typhoon's current mechanically scanned Euroradar Captor radar with an active electronically scanned array front end has increased. The step is viewed as a means of both strengthening European capabilities and enhancing export prospects for the type, most notably in a contest to supply at least at least 126 aircraft to the Indian air force.

"We are in serious discussions regarding E-scan capabilities. They are looking for an operationally ready system, and we are working hard for that," says Rauen. "The first discussions that we have had with the core nations and with India regarding such an approach are positive."

Eurofighter companies Alenia Aeronautica, BAE Systems, EADS Casa and EADS Deutschland will meanwhile deliver up to 19 Tranche 2 Typhoons to the programme's partner air forces before year-end, while Saudi Arabia's first of 72 will follow by June 2009. A total of 63 Tranche 2 aircraft are now in final assembly.

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Eurofighter gets serious about Japan's F-X contest
Date : 7th October 2008     Source : Unspecified     Author : PS Yeo

DATE : 06/10/08
SOURCE : Flight International

Eurofighter gets serious about Japan's F-X contest
By Siva Govindasamy

The Eurofighter Typhoon is becoming a serious contender in Japan's forthcoming F-X fighter competition, with industry sources saying that Tokyo is taking the European fighter more seriously in the much-anticipated tender.

"If you had asked me a year ago, I would have said that the Typhoon did not have a chance due to the close US-Japan ties. I am no longer sure of that," says a Tokyo-based industry source close to the Japanese defence ministry. "Washington's continued refusal to release information on the [Lockheed Martin] F-22 has strained bilateral defence ties, and Japanese politicians and bureaucrats are eyeing the Typhoon as a viable alternative to the other American fighters that are on offer."

Under its F-X competition, Japan is seeking around 50 aircraft to replace its ageing McDonnell Douglas F-4s. It has delayed issuing a request for proposals for the past two years while unsuccessfully lobbying the US Congress to overturn the Obey Amendment, which prohibits the sale of the F-22 to any foreign government due to its high level of sensitive technology.

Sources say that Tokyo will push one more time next year, after the US presidential and Congressional elections and Japan's own general elections. If it fails again, it will turn its attention to the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Delays in the JSF's delivery schedule, however, could result in Japan following Australia's lead and ordering an interim batch of fighters to prevent a drop in its air capability.

In that situation, Tokyo will likely choose between the Typhoon and Boeing's F/A-18E/F and F-15E. Australia's order for the F/A-18E/F has given the type a boost, while the fact that Japan is the largest operator of the F-15C outside the USA could give that fighter's successor an advantage.

Eurofighter, however, argues that the Typhoon has the most modern platform of the three and stresses its willingness to share much of the fighter's technology with Japanese industry, a fact that will remind Tokyo of the USA's rebuff over the F-22 every time that they bring it up. With orders for the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries F-2, a Japanese version of the Lockheed Martin F-16, ending, MHI will also welcome the opportunity to continue with its licence-production business.

Given that Japan is likely to operate alongside the US military in any conflict, some observers argue that it makes more sense for the country to go with the US defence contractors. However, sources close to Eurofighter point out that the UK and Italy - both also allies of the USA - will operate a combination of F-35s and Typhoons in the future as well.

"Japan's existing F-4s and F-15s are cannot be used for much longer, even with upgrades, while the F-2 is an old platform. The UK and Italy are evidence that the USA could operate with the Typhoon in the mix. In fact, a combination of the F-35 and Typhoon could result in Japan having the most modern fleet possible," says a second source.

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Block 8 Entry Into Sevice
Date : 12th September 2008     Source : Unspecified     Author : P120A

Nato Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA) authorised Enty Into Service Type Acceptance for Tranche 2 Block 8 Typhoon aircraft on Friday 12th September. Production deliveries of Block 8 aircraft can now start.

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News Update August 2007 to August 2008
Date : 21st August 2008     Source : Unspecified     Author : Scorpion

A lot has happened in the Eurofighter programme since the forum went down. Ths thread should summerize the happenings in the mentioned timeframe. Feel free to complement.

Tranche 3 negotiations:
A formal proposal was delivered by the Eurofighter GmbH in december 2007. Negotiations are underway and it is planned to sign a contract by late 2008 or early 2009. The UK and Italy has requested options for a 100% or 50% reduction of their T3 buy. Germany and Spain are still commited to their full tranche 3 buy. Germany has issued an option for a splitted T3 order to the partner nations.

Tranche 2 development and status:
More than 40 T2 aircraft are in final assembly with the first T2 SPA taking off to its maiden flight on 6 August 2008 from Warton. The aircraft is the single seater BS039. BS040 has flown as well on 11 August 2008. Tranche 2 testing started on September 13 2007 with IPA2 being used to test the new T2 EJ200 Turbofans. The tests were completed by November 2007. BS031 took of to its maiden flight on 1 November 2007. Being a Tranche 1 single seater the aircraft now designated IPA6 features the full T2 avionics suite and is used for T2 development testing. The first true T2 aircraft was the german single seater GS029 (IPA7) which is also used to support the type acceptance for the initial tranche 2/block 8 standard. The aircraft was first flown on 16 January 2008. Type acceptance should have been received by now, but details are unknown. Following the Phance 1 Enhancements agreed on 30 March 2007 the partner nations have agree on incremental updates rather than additional block upgrades and the designations block 10 and 15 for later T2 aircraft has been rejected. Deliveries of T2 aircraft will start in 2008 and should run until 2013.

After achieving operational capability to conduct QRA duties over South England on 29 June 2007 the RAF has worked towards achiving FOC in the AA and AG role. The so called austere package for integrating the Litening III LDP and Enhanced Paveway II dual-mode bombs has been completed on plan. A first guided bomb drop with self designation was conducted in november 2007 by ISPA1 following a guided LGB drop by an RAF Typhoon FGR.4 with buddy lasing from ISPA1. FOC in the AA role and full QRA responsibility was achived on 1 April 2008. Following a deployment to the US taking part in exercises such as Green Flag etc. the RAF declared No.11F squadron as fully operational in the AG role on 1 July 2008.
Current units are No.17(R) OEU, No.29(R) OCU and No.3(F) and 11(F) squadrons all based at Coningsby.

The Luftwaffe started QRA duties on a shared basis on 8 January 2008 and is soley responsible for QRA over South Germany since 3 June 2008, following the disbandment of the last F-4F of the JG 74. Current units are the Jagdgeschwader 73 "Steinhoff" at Laage airbase (OCU) and the Jagdgeschwader 74 at Neuburg as the first operational unit.

Aeronatica Militare Italiana:
The AMI used the Typhoon operationally as part of its national air defence system since 16 December 2005 and achieved IOC with full QRA readiness on 1 January 2007. FOC is expected in late 2008. Following the 9th and 20th Gruppos of the 4° Stormo at Grossetto, the 12th Gruppo of 36° Stormo at Gioa Del Colle received its first aircraft on 1 October 2007.

Ejercito Del Aire:
The EdA achieved QRA readiness on 17 July 2008. The 113 (OCU) and 111 Escuadrons of the Ala 11 at Moron are the currently only units in EdA service.

Austria has reduced its original order of 18 T2 aircraft to 15 T1 aircraft which are diverted from the partner nations. Following the delivery of AS001 on 12 July 2007 the Austrian Luftraumüberwachungsgeschwader at Zeltweg achieved its air policing readiness on 1 July 2008.

Saudi Arabia:
Saudi Arabia signed a contract for 72 (14 twin seaters) Eurofighter Typhoons on 17 September 2007. Deliveries are divided into 3 batches of 24 aircraft. The first batch is diverted from RAF T2 production slots and deliveries will start in 2009. A common training centre for RAF & RSAF personal will be established at RAF Coningsby. Saudi Arabia will built a final assembly line and start production around 2011/2012. Saudi Arabia has insisted to buy another 72 Typhoons.

Potential customers:
Swiss, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, India, Japan, Oman, Brazil and Chile are potential customers with negotiations under way. In december 2007 the Eurofighter GmbH has left the competitions in Norway and Denmark.

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First British Tranche 2 Jets Complete Production Testing
Date : 21st August 2008     Source : Unspecified     Author : P120A

Despite the best endeavours of the British weather, the first UK Tranche 2 Typhoon Production Aircraft took its maiden flight from Warton on the 6th August 2008. The aircraft, designated BS039, was flown by our new Chief Test Pilot, Paul Stone. It was closely followed by BS040, flown by Mark Bowman, Typhoon Project Test Pilot. Both aircraft have quickly completed their Production Flight Acceptance Test (PFAT) schedule and are "off test".

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All Partners now operate Batch 2 Aircraft
Date : 28th April 2005     Source : Unspecified     Author : jwcook

HALLBERGMOOS, Germany, April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- With deployment of IS002 from
Alenia's facilities in Torino to 4th Stormo "Amadeo d'Aosta" at Grosseto,
Italy, all for partner air forces in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United
Kingdom now operate series production single seaters with Batch 2 standard.

These aircraft have PSP2 Capability (Production System Package) with Initial
Defensive Aids Subsystem (DASS), Multifunctional Information and Distribution
System (MIDS), Initial Direct Voice Input (DVI) and Sensor Fusion.

Six Batch 2 aircraft have been accepted by the customer air forces so far,
totaling the number of now delivered series production aircraft at 41
(including 5 Instrumented Production Aircraft IPA).

Most recently the operation of Eurofighter at extremely low temperatures has
been successfully evaluated and proven in Sweden. At Decimomannu, Italy, DA 3,
the gun firing clearance aircraft, is completing the final demonstration of the
Full Operational Clearance for the operation of this part of the Weapon System.

Flight test of the new Phase 4 Standard Flight Control System Software
dedicated for Block 2b has begun. Industry and government test pilots comments
are enthusiastic: "The Phase 4 software left a very good impression overall. It
was like flying a different, much more spirited and agile aircraft." Pilots
also praise the new software for air-to-air refueling, reducing workload

Production of Tranche 1 standard aircraft is fully underway with the 100th
center fuselage and right wing section already delivered. Production for
Tranche 2 aircraft has already begun last year with first frames for the centre
fuselage produced.

Aloysius Rauen, CEO Eurofighter GmbH, commented: "Eurofighter Typhoon is the
biggest and most successful military aerospace programme in Europe. With 638
aircraft under contract to five nations Eurofighter GmbH holds the largest
order book of any next generation fighter aircraft worldwide, making
Eurofighter Typhoon the undisputed Number One in the global fighter business.

Eurofighter Typhoon has unquestioned capabilities acknowledged by the customers
and international aerospace experts. Its operational potential reaches far into
the first decade of this century, offering huge technological and industrial
advantages to new potential customers based on a large order book, reducing
customer risk. The Eurofighter Typhoon programme is characterised as a fully
open partnership with unrivalled technological and industrial return to
customers who wish to join the project."

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